Monday, March 28, 2011

A Woman with a Sword

Frankly, swords are the answer. 
What's the question? It doesn't matter.

I picked up a sword in Scotland (the place to buy swords, obviously) and for some reason had to take it home with me. It could have been the ambiance of the armory, the racks of weapons, the extremely knowledgable Scotsman selling them, the deathly beauty of the glinting blades or a combination there of. Regardless, a sword came became mine to have and hold, forevermore. There is something about possessing a sword that goes beyond the mere practicality of having a weapon.

Seriously, though I think bringing back swords as  both an accessory and personal weapon of choice is the answer to many of this country's if not the world's current socio-ecomnic issues.

Just consider it, a new law is passed requiring all citizens to purchase, carry and be instructed in the use of a sword (daggers perhaps for children and the infirm). Crime problems? Solved. I think random crime would decrease if everyone was sporting over 12 inches of steel on their hip, don't you? Weight issues? Solved. Swordplay, is excellent exercise that also can double as entertainment. No Jobs? Solved. New industry just opened up, make swords, sell swords, repair swords, clean swords, teach about swording — the possibilities for creating capital endless. 

Swords are also stylish. So, this endless folderol concerning fashion could be dampened if not ceased. I am of the persuasion that clothing should have function as well self expression. And I think a sword is the thing.  It worked for Zena (warrior princess), do you think she could have pulled off that outfit without a sword over her shoulder? I think not.  

Sparing with the opposite sex would bring on entirely new and exhilarating meaning in this context. As one could actually cross blades. How effective would that be in finding your match? Invaluable, I say. Not to mention that swords exude an unidentifiable sexiness, especially for the fairer sex (Ex; refer back to Zena, Warrior Princess).  There's just something about a woman with a sword that is immensely intriguing to the male psyche, merely the possession of one peaks interest - even more so if the lady knows how to use it. 

Swords are so the answer to life's persistent questions. 


  1. Ummm, excuse me, but this post is missing a picture of you with your sword.

  2. Duly noted, Sarah, duly noted. I will be sure to remedy this . . .

  3. En garde!

    Clever piece; you know you might take a stab at this writing thing - you have promise! ;)

  4. As Glenn's mom and dad, we declare this an absolutely brilliant essay. And trust us, we would know! P.s. We like the other stuff, too.