Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feeling A Little French . . .

Quite Frankly, I'm irate
I'm irked, spurned, and a bit bitter. I'm feeling a little bit French actually, as in if there was a revolution brewing, I'd join it.

Something about living in this land of the "free" and opportunistic has just about pushed me too far. Something about the red tape, the bureaucracies, and the apathy that is strewn about the place like party streamers, makes me want to take up a sword and shout "NO MORE!"

I think the fact that the general population ceased owning swords may have contributed to this general this state of disarray. I mean come on, getting run threw with sword is pretty daunting, it is seriously going to hurt before any sweet angel of death comes for you. The fear of the revolution armed with blades of glory is definitely gone from our ruling classes.

Don't think the class system is so 17th century my fellow Americans. Congress has turned into the new American Nobility, complete with power and salaries for life. But it wasn't the mess of our democracy, the depreciation of higher education, or the complete loss of a job market that made me want to polish my sword. It was student loans.

Not because they are total traps of horrible debt with no hope of any escape, or that they are cunning tools for a smarmy section of money lenders, or even the ridiculously high interest rates and rigged payment options. No, it is the sheer difficulty and energy I have to expend to pay them. It is the the "account log in" that tipped the scales of rebellion.

Isn't it enough to have resigned myself to the system? To chain myself to the wheel and work to grind away at this herculean task? No. It is not. The loan companies, and the all are guilty of this, continue to make their account pages illegible, difficult and completely illogical. It is an attempt to continue to confuse the borrower into missing payments or accruing more interest on high interest loans.  

And I have grumbled, muttered and begrudged this practice as I keenly read through the 'fine print,' the barrage of 'security questions' (like there are a bunch of wily con artists out there stealing student loan debt), 'suggested payments' and 'disclaimers' in order to make my payments on time every month. But this time, this time it is the proverbial straw on the camels back. This time they have passed my loan off (yet, again) to another sub-company loan servicing organization of some sort (insert lots of financial jargon that no one understands) for reasons that they felt no need to divulge.

My account has been dumped elsewhere and I cannot access it! They will send me a "welcome" email as soon as my account is "available". "But please do send your monthly payment (which you undoubtedly have memorized) to this new address and it'll get to the right place definitely," they said on the web page the once contained my account. Oh thanks Money Lender that has no scent of sketchiness at all.

I am filled with the urge to stab these people in the eye and then the spleen and then the other eye.

Disregarding all other arguments regarding the much debated student loan issue, I think all can agree that it should not be this hard to give someone money. Really, it has all gone too far. French people wouldn't stand for this nonsense. Revolution anyone? Free swords.

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